Zeus Age Cosplay Photoshops

The Zeus Age video promotion is in full swing! Our Cosplay contest is still going strong so make sure to get your video or picture in right away! As for our official videos, you’ve seen the sneak peaks, now it’s time to check out our lighter side. Our arts department had a little free time while the programmers are working away, so they decided to doll up some of the characters in our videos!

Our terrifying boss put on his minotaur costume (he’s kind of vain, so he wouldn’t change his face to that of a cow) and he’s gotten mighty friendly with Obama…What do you think he’s really holding in the pictures?



Our football star has decided to abandon his dreams of some day joining the NFL, and has opted to study the magical arts. Perhaps he’s been reading a bit too much Harry Potter? And by a bit too much I mean not nearly enough. Do you think he looks better with his staff of power and mysterious hood, or should he play it more natural and just toss the lightning bolts around?



Finally our dashing employee is just too busy playing Zeus Age to care what he looks like. We thought about putting a costume on him, but seriously, he wouldn’t care anyways. He’s got his favorite characters Ares and Prometheus battling it out like it 245 BCE and he couldn’t care about another thing in the world. When he’s not flirting with his keyboard, that is.



Get your Cosplay video ready, and prepare yourself for our official videos! All three will be coming out in the next couple of weeks, and they’re sure to get you chuckling!

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