Wartune Breaking News-The Elemental Forest

Wartune Breaking News-The Elemental Forest

The Elemental Forest has two difficulty levels: Normal and Nightmare. Like all other dungeons, Elemental Forest can be found in the Hall of Heroes. Class advancement must be completed in order for you to enter the dungeon. Players may only enter the dungeon once per day.


Boss I: Water Spirits, Cylon and Anze

Cylon – Physical Immunity

Anze – Magical Immunity

Players must defeat both in the same turn, otherwise the boss which was defeated will be revived by the other in the next turn, restoring it to 100% HP.


Boss II: One of the following: [Fire] Laise, [Wind] Raylan or [Electro] Barao

[Fire] Laise: Deals Chaos to random enemy target, sometimes causing it to deal damage on one of its own members. Laise also decreases the player’s Rage and Awakening points.

[Wind] Raylan: Casts Amnesia on random enemy target, preventing the target from using two skills (including Holy Seals and runes). Raylan also decreases the player’s rage and Awakening points.

[Electro] Barao: Inflicts damage over time and cannot be dispelled. Barao also increases damage with every attack and cannot be dispelled.

Note: The system will spawn the same boss if the player fails to defeat it.


Normal: EXP, synthesis materials for Crest and Halidom, and rare equipment.

Nightmare: EXP, synthesis and upgrade materials for Halidom, and rare equipment.

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