Wartune Breaking News – Purgatory Maze

Purgatory Maze

Challenge yourself in the all-new Purgatory Maze and receive rare rewards! Players may enter Purgatory Maze by clicking on it in the Forgotten Catacombs panel. The maze has 30 levels in total and may only be entered once a day.


Entry Requirements

1. Cleared Lvl. 100 of the Forgotten Catacombs.

2. Completed Class Advancement.

3. Purgatory Key x3 will be consumed upon every entry.



1. Clearing each level drops various rewards.

2. Clearing every 5 levels drops even rarer rewards.

3. Rewards include Gem Synthesis Formulas, Vulcan’s Stoves, Crystal Shards, Will Crystals, and Resistance Crystals.


Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing your scintillating comments!

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