The Zeus Age Video Extravaganza Draws to An End

Proficient City’s Zeus Age videos are finally ready! ‘Family’, ‘The Office’, and ‘Victory!’ are available on our Youtube channel, or you can check them out on Facebook. There’s six videos in total, a 15 second and a 30 second version of each, for players and non-players alike to enjoy. The videos have been a fantastic success, and we’ll definitely be doing more of the same in the future… especially the cosplay videos.


There’s a lot of people we’d like to thank and if we miss anyone, we’re truly sorry. First of all the video crews put a lot of effort into making sure the videos were the best they could be. I don’t even know how many changes we asked them to make, but they never batted an eye. Our arts team made a lot of beautiful images, our cosplayers put on a great show, our social media team got the word out, and our marketing crew did a lot of grunt work. We appreciate the hard work that everyone put in.

We’d also like to thank everyone who participated in the events. You made pictures, dressed up in costumes, decorated cakes and then didn’t share any with us:(. Just jokes! It was all wonderful and we were both touched and excited by your enthusiasm.


Most of all, we’d like to thank everyone who has played and loved Zeus Age. If it wasn’t for the hours you wiled away leveling up characters, unlocking new gods, and powering up your spells, all our efforts would be for nothing. We hope that you enjoyed the videos, the cosplay and the contests and we promise that there will be a whole lot more fun in the future. Thanks for playing Zeus Age, Heroes!



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