The Zeus Age Character-Character Match-Up

The Zeus Age videos are about to be released, and in celebration we at Proficient City decided to choose which of the video characters are most like which of the game characters. Some staff chose based off of looks, some chose off of skills, and some chose the werewolf because nothing messes with a werewolf.


We decided Fenrir is most similar to the boss. Nothing can stand up against his Wild Strike, he tears that frontline attacker to shreds. The occasional Demon Claw to slow down enemy Casting Speed, and increased Crit and Attack from Bloodthirst and Enrage, leave Fenrir’s enemies…well…shreds of meat. Ancient, divine meat. Compare that to a chainsaw-wielding psychotic boss? I think you get my point.

Next in our battle formation we have the the screaming lady. You’ll recognize her from the eardrum-shattering shriek she let loose. (Fun fact, she’s also the chainsaw guy’s real-life wife!) Her fear doesn’t much reflect Athena’s personality, but those pipes! She could scream her way into Hades and back out again with no more trouble than Cerberus stopping long enough to bury its head. It’s almost like it would cause some amount of damage over a prolonged duration of time…much like…Battle Blade! Her scream also shows she’s a team player, much like Athena’s War Blessing.


Finally we have the handsome hero. Which Zeus Age character has his divine good looks? Which can embody the innocence and purity that shines through him? Why, none other than the perfectly righteous (totally) Archangel Michael. Our video’s hero must have some sort of godly Protection or an Angel’s Blessing to keep him safe from that psycho boss, and Holy Light can heal the wounds and Drive Away the pain that his boss eventually (and obviously) causes him.


What do you think? Did we match them up right? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, and check out the rest of the videos!

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