Sword Saga struck first served passion magic imminent war


Sword Saga stunning struck first service will give players a whole new magical interpretation. Professional roles camp gorgeous, dazzling skill effect realistic, thousands of pro-mercenary attitudes of beauty, hot fresh burst of cool clothing system that allows players to enjoy the intimate realistic gaming experience. Now, the devil has to break the seal, fell Costa mainland Ireland, a man magic imminent war. People travel together with the magical world of the occasion, to jointly open passion magical journey.

Sword Saga three professional awaken the hero

First login to the game, players create a character interface will see six kinds of fine characters were male (female) soldier, male (female) Master and male (female) shooter. Urging soldiers not wearing armor tough, as tough as Gladiator invincible; Master handheld wand, a powerful magical elements of the operator; agile as elf archer, bow Nu use pre-emptive, active on the continent is a powerful hunter. Three character formation shocking debut, gorgeous styling impact of bright spots, who will be your magical journey ace?

Sword Saga enchanting beauty gorgeous struck mercenary system

Sword Saga beauty mercenary system leading the trend, for the players to show the different styles of beauty. Angelina Jolie beautiful and elegant, lovely Klein Sesi, mature indifferent Isabel, gentle wisdom Tifa, intelligent weak calm beauty mercenary justice Eliza colored gorgeous appearance, style thousands of beauty available for you to enjoy the selection, interact intimate.

Sword Saga clothing system burst your little universe outbreak

Sword Saga as new creative play, sexy glamorous clothes burst system allows you to release the body of tremendous energy, and instantly makes you a small outbreak of the universe, to reverse the situation, and to provide for his teammates better offensive guard. Whether or mercenary players, male or female roles, once triggered burst clothing, instant access to thick vitality and strong defense capability, a devastating attack to the opponent. The most creative battle started.

Sword Saga is an epic fantasy masterpiece, realistic simulation of the real sound system, sexy clothes burst gameplay, gorgeous beauty struck eight mercenaries, cool and full of three professional, more dazzling special effects and realistic gorgeous skills sound, breaking the traditional sense of the plane tour page, allowing the player an immersive, face to face with the game! the game uses semi-round semi-real battle mode, formation configuration and skills to select highly strategic, operational ease of use, the battle rhythm hearty.

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