Sword Saga civilian players Raiders rational use of resources


Sword Saga civilian players Raiders rational use of resources, and most of the main article and I share the same non-Tyrant players, mainly against civilians novice players, Tyrant Great God can ignore. For those of us civilians players, how daily use of limited resources, it is extremely important, the following classification with everyone I talk about my experiences together.

one, gold coins

Access: variety, add up, not discussed here, is the world’s fastest BOSS come and gold tree, you must not miss.

Uses: 1. First, the Association donated, we did not open for the king of the certificate of civilians every day all donated 1 million cap off. Donated how to use it? The first one is the union of skills, do not think that little addition, gold can combat the place should not have to change much, this is very safe, very value; how the contribution of one can choose to pray, you can add activity. You can get some good luck tied drill needs to buy something. Two can go to the guild shops, but overall not much worth buying Stores Association, personally do not like drugs, it is a shortage of training when you can buy the book here, than get tied drill conversion more.

2. astrology. Astrology can not account for the main star, to see the character, but do not worry novice players, behind astrology more, your credit enough to make you want to exchange the stars, the preferred physical attack (method of attack), life, crit. Astrology requires a lot of gold, according to their own situation, I usually less general account, the activity must be filled when the 500 times a day, sooner or later anyway.

3. Other. Consumption of gold and other places less controllable, and are necessary to strengthen such weapons, must roll up to one hundred percent, not take much gold, and precious stones, etc. As for the conversion of consumption, you can not control, you need to have to use the time, so who at any time to ensure that there is at least two to three million gold backing.


Two, tied drill

Access: attendance, activity packs, guild chest and so on. Tied to drill more valuable, but still be able to slowly accumulate a lot (29 mission after 1000 can get tied drill)

Uses: 1. the equipment you’ve got four holes filled.

2. What is the mall to buy it? Is still the most affordable gemstones, beast began worthwhile, expensive, dozens of war will add a little bit of force. Training a lot of books, but you can buy in the guild mall. Remember: buy gems are not be wrong.

3. when you need to buy a double experience scroll experience, not expensive. Abyss key 30 level and then buy it, before the emperor has analyzed data, the number of layers is too low as a direct buy gems.

Third, diamonds

Access: charge. . . . Are reluctant to spend a penny you can skip this section, I am here to talk about the players are willing to spend a small amount of money.

Purpose: The first punch packs a good deal, 10 yuan, filling the send equipment, can be used to forty, it is value.

2. Remember that a principle, who can tie diamond buy, not with real diamonds, then what is left of it? The first is the alchemical diamonds for gold, for us civilians, the first day alchemist or more cost effective, 3 cents change tens of thousands of gold coins, recommend refining once. In addition, incentives to get back inside, for Dabu Wan battlefield, can retrieve the appropriate financial resources according to what medal after medal get way too little.

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