Ninjas Broke My Keyboard-Holy Temple

A Holy Temple appeared in Saladine in Ninjas Broke My Keyboard! Legend says that the Holy Temple is very dangerous. Each level has a cruel monster. Defeat them to receive lots of treasures and materials that can make your Holy Items stronger. What are you waiting for? Use your keyboard and challenge the Holy Temple to strengthen your Holy Item and push yourself to the limit!

1. How to enter?

Complete the Chapter 4 main quest – Destroy the Ant Hatchery to unlock the Holy Tower. Click the icon at the top right corner to enter the Holy Tower.



2. How to challenge?

After entering the Holy Tower, you can see three buttons: Reset, Enter and Blitz.


A. Reset

  • Each player has two reset chances per day. The first reset chance is free. After resetting levels, players will start the challenge again from level 1.

B. Enter

  • Click the enter button to begin your challenge. You will get lots of rewards the first time you clear each level. Don’t worry if you fail a battle, you can challenge again!

C. Blitz

  • You can Blitz levels that you already cleared. But you can only Blitz the Holy Temple every 5 levels. For example, if you reach level 19 you will be able to Blitz up to level 15.
  • Blitzing levels will consume time. Players of the required VIP level can spend Balens to complete the Blitz immediately. Remember to click the Claim button to claim your rewards after Blitzing.

D. Battles

  • In this Action MMORPG based on classic arcade game, you will find elite monsters in the Holy Temple. They are more powerful than normal monsters. The higher the level, the more elite monsters you will meet.


3. Holy Shop

You can exchange the Holy Crystals obtained in the Holy Temple for Holy Item Shards, Holy Stones and other rare items.

Click on the Holy Shop icon in the Holy Temple interface to enter into the Shop.

  • The Holy Shop automatically refreshes at 00:00 every day. Players can also refresh it with Balens. After it is refreshed, the remaining exchange chances will also be refreshed.
  • Players can consume Holy Crystals to exchange for items. Challenge the Holy Temple every day to receive tons of Holy Crystals.

4. Rankings

The Rankings will be generated according to the highest level each player has cleared. The higher the level a player clears, the higher will his name be listed in the Rankings. If you want to be listed in the Rankings, come and clear the Holy Temple!

Click on the Rule icon to see how to play Holy Temple. Do you want to know more about the feature? Try it out in Ninjas Broke My Keyboard!


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Ninjas Broke My Keyboard-Guild Boss

In order for you and your friends to have more fun playing Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, which is an action MMORPG based on classic arcade games, we have launched a new Guild feature: Guild Boss! Each Guild member has a common goal: defeating the Guild Bosses. Unite with your friends to defeat the Guild Bosses and you may all win awesome rewards!

1. How to participate

Players who have reached Lvl 40 and have joined a Guild already can take part in Guild Boss. Click the “Guild Boss” button in the Guild interface to enter the Guild Boss interface (picture 1).

Picture 1: Guild Boss icon


2. Interface Description

After entering Guild Boss, you will see three tabs: Challenge, Summon and Ranking. Let’s get to know them one by one:

  1. Boss Challenge

l  Boss: There is much information in this Boss challenge interface. The Hero in the middle of the interface is the Guild Boss you will be challenging today. You can see its Element type and HP and its real-time HP will be shown here as well when the event begins.

l  Inspire: On the left side of the interface, you may see the Inspiration information. During the Guild Boss event, Guild members can spend Balens to Inspire and boost Stats of all the Guild members. You will spend more Balens with the “Adv. Inspire” than with “Inspire”, but it will grant your Guild member a better Stats boost. Inspiration is effective to all the Guild members so it will have great impact while challenging strong Guild Bosses. Inspiration will help your Guild defeat the Guild Boss faster.

l  Challenge and Rewards: On the right side of the interface, you will see possible rewards you may get after defeating the Guild Boss, the amount of challenge attempts left and the moment when the event gets unlocked. Each Guild member has three challenge attempts every day. You can buy extra challenge attempts. The more times you challenge, the more total damage you will deal. The final rewards will be distributed according to the total damage. Challenging the Guild Boss for many times can help you get a good ranking in the Guild Boss battles. You will get Guild Contribution by challenging the Guild Boss and exchange it for rare items in the Guild Shop. In addition, you will get Guild EXP if your Guild defeats the Guild Boss, which will boost the level-up of your Guild. At the same time, your Guild members will get abundant Contribution, Honor and many other random items. The higher the total of damage you deal, the more rewards you will receive. Click the “Claim” icon to claim Guild Boss rewards. (Picture 2)

Picture 2: Challenge interface


  1. Summon Boss

The Guild Boss cannot be challenged at any time. For a newly-funded Guild, there will be a defaulted unlocking time and Guild Boss to be challenged. But the Guild Leader or the Vice Leader can set the Guild Boss to be challenged and the duration of the event according to their needs.

l  The Guild Leader and the Vice Leader can select the Guild Boss unlocking time freely to ensure that more Guild members can take part in the Guild Boss event.

l  Some Guild Bosses will not be unlocked until the Guild reaches a required level and the Boss at last level has been defeated.

l  The guild leader or vice guild leader can summon different Bosses according to their whole guild strength.

Tick the corresponding boxes to select the challenge time and the boss you want to summon. You can change the challenge time and Guild Boss any time as long as you need, but the effects of the changes won’t be noticed until next day.

Tips: Only the guild leader and vice guild leader have the right to change the challenge time and summon the Guild Boss. The rest of the guild members can’t do any changes to the challenge time, but they can see who and when they will be able to challenge next day. If guild members want to change the Guild Boss, they can discuss with the Guild leader and vice guild leader directly or in the Guild Channel. (Picture 3)

Picture 3: Summon Boss Interface


  1. Rankings

Rankings show the damage dealt by all the guild members. The higher the damage guild members deal, the higher they will be listed in the rankings and the more rewards they will receive. Guild members will see the Contribution and Honor they have received after the event is over. (Picture 4)

Picture 4: Rankings Interface


3. Battle

Click on Challenge once to enter into a Battle. The Guild Boss has extremely high HP. No one can prevent it from attacking even when it suffers damages. However, the Boss can only deal normal attack at the beginning. As time passes by, it will become stronger and be able to use more skills.


l  Elements and Heroes that restrict the Boss can deal more damage to it.

l  Inspiration boosts the damage that your party can deal and weakens the damage your party suffers in Guild Boss challenges.

And that’s pretty much everything I know the Guild Boss. In order to find out more about skills and strategies, I invite you to try Ninjas Broke My Keyboard official website:

Now use your keyboard and have a good time with us!

Ninjas Broke My Keyboard – Find your favorite Mount

One could tell people’s taste and class by looking at the cars they own, for example. In some way, this also applies to Ninjas Broke My Keyboard. A decent Mount does not only havea cool appearance, but it also increases your Character’s Stats.

  1. Mount Description


There are more than 10 kinds of Mounts available in the game. They all have unique appearances and can help you increase different stats of your character. You can change your Mount by clicking the button “Mount”. Additionally, you can also train them to become your character’s powerful partners.

  1. How do you get a Mount?

At the beginning of the game, in Chapter 1, youwill be offered a Chicken. It’s really cute and cool at the same time. The thing is that over the following chapters, you will have to manage how to get Mountson your own. If you want to obtain a Mount, you have to complete some collection tasks or take part in some events, like the ranking events.

  1. Mount Training

Would you like to have your Mounts around you all the time? Then enhance them! There are two ways in which you can enhance them. One is by feeding them, another is by training them.


Feeding Mounts:

Sometimes you may obtain some Mount EXP Food to feed your Mounts. This allows them to level up, which implies also an increase in your Character’s stats.

Training Mounts:

Train your Mount and you’ll see a boost in your Character’s stats as well. This is indeed an important way to increase your Characters’ Stats.

  1. Mounts Inheritance

If you own several Mounts, you canchange them from time to time. You canhave a Mountinherited instead of training it. It could inherit the Level and the Growth Value from the original one to the mount that you like.


This was a general introductionon how to play Ninjas Broke My Keyboard. I hope you can find it useful and I wish you to find your favorite Mount. Go and enjoy it!

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Ninjas Broke My Keyboard – Make Your Equipment Stronger

Generally speaking, fighting for equipment and trying various fashion items to discover which ones are the best ones are what get players annoyed in most of the game. However, in Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, you can find various sets of equipment already customized especially for your characters. The only thing you need to do is to make them stronger. There are three ways in which you can strengthen your equipment: Enchantment, Evolution and Gem Socketing.

1. Enchantments

Obviously, if we want an equipment to acquire higher stats, then we surely need to constantly enchant it. In Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, there are 10 qualities for each piece of equipment, namely, Iron, Bronze, Kurogane, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Unigold, Ruby, Amethyst and Sapphire. Each quality has 10 levels. As the equipment levels up, its stats increase proportionally. The character’s level also influences the equipment’s enchantment level. If you want to get a stronger weapon, then the best way is to constantly enchant the weapon that you own.


2. Evolution:

Evolution can greatly boost your equipment’s stats. The higher the equipment level is, the more stats it can have. To evolve a piece of equipment, you need Evolution Scrolls and Evolution Materials.

Evolution Scrolls are a must, since they show you how to evolve your equipment. But where can you get Evolution Scrolls from?

We learnt that Evolution Scrolls are rare and protected by Elite Bosses for centuries. If you really want to get Evolution Scrolls, then you need to challenge the Elite Dungeons where Elite Bosses live. Please remember that they are way more powerful than those we generally meet, so if you want to obtain Evolution Scrolls, then you must be really careful.

After obtaining the scrolls, you will also need materials to complete the evolution. In this case, where can you find the Evolution Materials?

You can find Evolution Materials all over the world. The difficult part is to actually figure out their locations. So the next question is how can we find them in a short time? But here is a tip for you: use the AFK mode. Click the icon of the materials that you need and your character will automatically move to the destination. This is a much easier way to find the materials that you need. From now on, you can obtain any Evolution Material you want.

3. Gem Socketing

I bet that every player has enough knowledge of gem socketing. But the question is how do you get those gems? Let me briefly explain it to you. Here are two ways:(1) Challenge the Elite Dungeons and (2) buy them in the Shop.


If you want to get higher level Gems, then you should synthesize them.


Gems can also be unsocketed from the equipment. Moreover, as the equipment evolves, you can socket more Gems on it.

I guess that’s quite everything I know. I hope it will help you.

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Ninjas Broke My Keyboard: Factors that can improve the Battle Rate

In Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, there are many factors to improve the battle rate. In summary, there are two factors: Internal and External. The internal factors include Equipment and Skills, and the external factors mainly include Heroes and Mount.

Let’s learn something about the above four factors.

1       Equipment

Each Character in this Action MMORPG Game has an unique set of equipment. Players can enchant, evolve and socket their equipment. A set of powerful equipment will grant you a great Battle Rating boost.

  • Equipment Enchantment will only cost you Gold. The higher the level of your equipment, the higher the Stat boost.
  • Evolve

1) You can evolve your equipment after you have collected all the required materials.

2) You can get Equipment Evolution Materials in Dungeons.

3) The quality of your equipment will change in the following sequence after the Evolution: white, green, blue, purple and gold.

4) Evolve your equipment to improve their quality.

  • Gem Socket

1) Socket Gems to your equipment to grant it extra Stat boost.

2) The higher the quality of the Gem, the higher the Stat boost.

You equipment will only have an initial Socket. If you want to Socket more Gems, you need to open more Sockets. You will be able to Socket up to 4 Gems to each equipment.  n1

2       Skills

New skills will be unlocked when players reach a specified level. You can check skills details, upgrade and equip skills in the Skills interface, but remember that you can only upgrade your Character’s skills. Each upgrade will cost you a specified amount of Gold. You should make full use of your Gold to upgrade the most useful skills!


3       Heroes

All your Heroes will be shown in this interface. You can enchant, upgrade and absorb your Heroes.

  • Check your Heroes.
  • You can spend Hero Upgrade Stones to enchant your Heroes.
  • You can upgrade your 5-Star or above Heroes using the same type of Heroes.

You can level up your Heroes by absorbing other Heroes.


4       Mount & Fashion

  • The Character can also get Stat boost from Mount and Fashion.
  • Mounts can increase player’s movement speed in a non-battle status. You can feed your Mounts to increase their level and train them to get more Stat boost.
  • Sources of Mounts: Mount quests, Shop and Events.
  • Fashion can change Character’s image and grant Character Stat boost.


We believe that after reading this game introduction, you know have at least a basic knowledge about Ninjas Broke my Keyboard. You must be very interested in it now, aren’t you? Then why not experience our game right now?


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Ninjas Broke My Keyboard Official Website-Daily

In Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, there are many cheats that you can use to increase your character’s level. Let me show you some.

1.Login Reward: You can claim once every day.


2.Dark Merchant: I suggest you talk with the Dark Merchant once you are online. Because the shop list of the Dark Merchant will be refreshed every 6 hours, and the beginning time is decided by you, which will be activated once you dialogue. It is worth noting that the last two goods of the Dark Merchant can be bought with gold.

3.Guild Event:

1)Mining: You can obtain gold from mining, if you are lucky enough, you can also obtain Balens. Mining can increase the guild’s EXP.

2)Totem: You can obtain 20% bonus for wild monster challenge for 20 times, which you can use while in Blitz model.

3)Shop: You can obtain contribution from wild battle, Elite Dungeon and guild donate, the best buy good of which is the Hero Upgrade Stone(1000 contribution per one).


4.Hot Event:

1) World Boss: You can obtain amount of gold and darugs.

2) Duel: You can obtain amount of gold and honor, besides, you can get shards of Platinum Dragon.

3) Demon Tower: You can obtain amount of darugs.

4) Hall of Heroes: You can necessarily obtain hero shards, and according to the difficulty level ,the shards will be different.

5) Lucky Stumps: You can obtain amount of EXP Slime Cards and 5 Stamina Bread.

6) Escort: You can obtain gold, draugs, stamina bread and astral.

5. Elite Dungeon: I suggest you battle with until level S, so you can obtain Equipment Scrolls, Hero Upgrade Stones, Gems ,Hero Shards and so on. PS: If your stamina is full enough, try to wipe out the Elite Dungeon once per day.


6.Battles in the wild: If you have stamina remained, choose the map that you can obtain anima element in to defeat monsters or Blitz.

Welcome to the Best Online Role Playing Game,and the Ninjas Broke My Keyboard Official Website:


Battle cheats of defeating the Winter Goddess

Ninjas Broke My Keyboard is my favorite online game recently because it has classical Dungeon challenges, attacking combos, striking Skill effects and collecting Hero Cards to summon Heroes and defeating your enemies. With lots of mini games to entertain you and the innovative arc maps, you’ll find yourself immersed in a rich and magical world.

The higher level you are, the much fun you can get, so it is quite a big pity for players who give up in 10+ level because of the battle bottleneck. However, in order to make more players have fun ,I am willing to share my battle cheats with you.

The first battle bottleneck of this game should happen in L13 when the Winter Goddess appears. Before the battle starts, the game system guide the players to enchant blacksmith to L10 considerately. But personally,L10 isn’t enough for battling with Winter Goddess, besides, the mount of gold is great ,so you can enchant all your blacksmiths to the maximum level, which can make a best function of the gold.


Don’t forget your heroes after enchanting your blacksmith. Open the Heroes page, You can level up your Heroes by absorbing other heroes’ EXP. But remember, the level of your heroes cannot be higher than that of your character, so you need to estimate the times of absorbing, or you’ll make waste.



After these two steps, your battle rate will improve greatly. Now you can face with the Winter Goddess confidently.

However, it isn’t easy to defeat the Winter Goddess, so we need to combo flexibly according to the skills feature of your character. For example, the Mage which I chose, is little but strong. Normally, at the beginning I combo Demon Circle so that I can circle the enemies then combo the Cataclysm, which I can make the enemies hit intensively. After these two combos, the HP of the enemies is not much left then I combo the Snowstorm to KO all of them.

Above are my battle cheats of defeating the Winter Goddess, which I hope can help you pass the ongoing adventure.

Welcome to the Best Online Role Playing Game,and the Ninjas Broke My Keyboard Official Website:


Ninjas Broke My Keyboard – Keyboard Enthusiasts’ Love

Ninjas Broke My Keyboard is a new generation Landscape Arcade MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) web game unique in its kind. With a perfect combination of oriental and western elements, this adventure will offer you amazing arcade battles and an epic story. Experience classical Dungeon challenges, attack combos, strike skill effects and collect Hero Cards to summon Heroes and defeat your enemies. With lots of funny mini games and innovative arc maps, you’ll find yourself immersed in a rich and magical world.


Now let’s have a brief introduction of this epic web game.

First and foremost, I would like to introduce to you the four available characters in the game, namely Knight, Hunter, Assassin and Mage.


After having gone through the Newbie Guide and been trained in simple battles, you will be able to enter into the Major City and start your epic adventure.




In the game, the Mysterious Elder will be the one who will guide you and teach you new skills. Heroes will work side by side with you in your course of adventure.



You can get heroes by challenging dungeons or summoning in the Divine Altar.


There are two kinds of heroes, the heroes at higher level and those at lower level. The former ones will follow with you in your adventures and the latter ones will be absorbed by the higher level heroes so they can boost their stats.


As a new generation Landscape Arcade MMORPG web game, “Ninjas Broke My Keybord” is featured with clearing plot dungeons. Come challenge various dungeons with your Heroes.




As the dungeons become more and more difficult, you will encounter stronger Bosses with more powerful skills. To defeat them, you have to be smart and agile. One more thing: try not to smash your keyboard!


As the story goes on and you grow stronger, you will unlock new Dungeon maps, arrive in new Major Cities and meet more NPCs.


Except the plot dungeons, there are also elite dungeons, where you can challenge various elite NPCs.


Do you want to know more? Join our game now!

The Facebook page Website:

Welcome to the Best Online Role Playing Game,and the Ninjas Broke My Keyboard Official Website:

Legend Knight-Spirit Covenant and Talent Card

Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

Spirit Covenant

One-year Spirit Covenant

  1. Challenge players in Arena without CD.
  2. Blitz Crypt without CD
  3. Enchant Equipment without CD.
  4. Dungeon Blize Without CD
  5. Dungeon Gold Rewards Boost +10%
  6. Alchemy Rewards Boost +10%
  7. You can claim 150Bound Balen and one-year Spirit Covenant Pack every day

Half-year Spirit Covenant

  1. Challege players in Arena without CD.
  2. Blitz Crypt without CD
  3. Enchant Equipment without CD
  4. Dungeon Blitz without CD
  5. You can claim 120Bound Balen and Half-year Spirit Covenant Pack every day

Three-month Spirit Covenant

  1. Challenge players in Arena without CD
  2. Blitz Crypt without CD
  3. Enchant Equipment without CD
  4. You can claim 110Bound Balen and Seasonal Spirit Covenant Pack every day

One-month Spirit Covenant

  1. Challenge players in Arena without CD
  2. Blitz Crypt without CD
  3. You can claim 100Bound Balen and One- month Spirit Covenant Pack every day

One-week Spirit Covenant

  1. You can claim 50Bound Balen and One-week Spirit Covenant Pack every day

Now Join the Best web-based RPG Game, here is the Legend Knight Official Website:

There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount.


Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

Talent Card

  1. You need to reach the specified lvl to use Talent Card.
  2. You have one Talent Card socket to start with and must use Socketing Rod to open more sockets.
  3. You need to equip three specified Talent Card to activate corresponding combination effects.
  4. Talent Card skills and combination effects only work for the heroes equipped with the Talent Card.
  5. No Talent Card of the same type can be equipped on the same hero.
  6. When a hero is removed from the formation,the equipped Talent Card will be taken down into the Inventory.
  7. Clear your Talent Card pack regularly.

The rules of Talent Card Combination

  1. Collect Talent Cards of the same type to activate combination effects.
  2. The higher the level and quality of Talent Card,the better of their combination.

There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount. Log in to ride your new mount 7 days in a row after you receive it, and it will be yours forever!

To find out more check out the official Legend Knight Website at :

Legend Knight-Archangel

Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

The Archangel is the envoy of heaven who is powerful enough to destroy everything.

Attack Growth: 12.000

HP Growth: 6.500

Speed Growth: Quick

Holy Sword (Active Skill)

Attacks random front row target and causes 3000 extra damage.

Angelic Halo (Active Skill)

Attack all front row targets, dealing 3000 extra damage and ignore DEF.

Crit Skill (Passive Skill)

Passive skill. Increase Crit rate by 15%.

Mage Potency (Passive Skill)

Passive skill. Boosts MATK by 10% and there is a 10% chance to cancel the skill CD.


Cost 50 Fairy·Archangel to recruit purple Archangel


Cost 50 Psyche of Archangel to upgrade hero to red.


And the Archangel is not the normal 5-Star hero, with the specific rare items, he can upgrade to 6-Star or even 7-Star.

Cost 100 Essence of Archangel to upgrade 5-Star Archangel to 6-Star.


Cost 100 Spirit of Archangel to upgrade 6-Star Archangel to 7-Star.


The rare items above can only be claimed by the events which will hold irregularly, so if you meet this chance, don’t miss it.

There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount. Log in to ride your new mount 7 days in a row after you receive it, and it will be yours forever!
To find out more check out the Legend Knight official  Website at