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Storm Throne Free Redeem Code for Novice Pack

Storm Throne Free Redeem Code for Novice Pack

Do you want the Novice Pack? You can obtain it using a code in the Daily Prizes interface. Open the Pack to receive amazing rewards!

There are a lot of opportunities to get free items! You can get them from events and packs. Pay close attention to our official Facebook page for news and rewards!


Complete quests in the Royal Trials to obtain amazing rewards! You will have the chance to receive Pyrum, Spartan Steed and Marley’s Chains to boost your Battle Rating!


However, those events are open only for limited time. You can obtain rewards by completing the specified quests from the 1st to the 14th day since the server opening day.

Start playing today!

 Storm Throne Official Website:

How to get Epic Gear in Storm Throne?

Gear is very important to improve your Battle Rating in Storm Throne. But how can you get it?

1. If you have enough time, you can challenge Party Dungeons with your friends. There is a chance to obtain Epic Gear.


2. If you have no time to challenge Party Dungeons, you can buy Epic Gear in Auction.


3. You can also exchange Voyager Crests for Bound Gear in the Black Market.


4. Collect materials to craft an Epic Set. The Set will grant you a Statand Battle Rating boost.


The Storm Throne Offical Website :