Titanrise mount system comprehensive analysis


Titanrise mount system comprehensive analysisIntroduction mounts1, can be riding by clicking the button below , or use the W key shortcuts riding or horse riding last recall .2 , the attack can be carried out in a riding state .3 , there will be the chance of riding the state attacked the horse was knocked through evolution can effectively reduce the chance of being knocked out 4 , additional attributes horse while riding will be automatically attached to the characters who were shot down or recall status is not attached property.

Mount their own property :

1 , moving speed :Mount speed depends on the type of horse evolution rank higher evolutionary level can help descendants of God more flexible ride battlefield .

2, the physical value :Riding the horse in the state will continue to exhaustion value, when the horse strength is 0, you can not continue riding , attention should be spent feeding gold mounts.


Mount additional properties:

1 , the horse can be attached to life, attack, defense , hit, dodge attributes, attribute by attribute strengthen interface enhancements .


Horse Preview:

1, can be turned on or off by horse horse Preview button at the top left .Horse get :Mount panel can be opened by using the shortcut O or clicking the button below mountsEach player started two horse field , you can by clicking on the expansion to increase field.


Horse get way :

1, when the level reaches more than 20 characters , you can follow the main quest to receive a hell horns horse mounts administrator at Fort Herron Herron baozhu city .

2 , can also be purchased directly at the mall look more cool , attributes more to force the horse and armor Tyrannosaurus Variety Eudemons mounts.

Horse property enhancement :Quick jump button and click Properties enhancement or additional property can enter the property to strengthen the panel .First, strengthen the way :1. Strengthen need to consume a small amount of gold and diamond , when there Emery backpack , backpack can click the icon to the right of the corresponding material into quick .

2, when placed in a diamond and have enough money , select the corresponding attribute Click the Start button to strengthen the appropriate properties to strengthen , strengthen the success rate depends on the number into the diamond rating .

3 , strengthen the level reached after 15 full level properties can not continue to strengthen .

4, into the diamond in the text box to strengthen after this amount consumed can modify the number you want to put in .

5 , enter a different number can instantly view the corresponding success rates.

6. Click this button to strengthen into a number of quick consumption , can be placed in this reach 100% success rate of the number of silicon carbide reinforced .

7. Always check to ensure 100% success rate , may reach 100 percent every time automatically placed strengthen the success rate of the number of Emery .

8 , diamond grade , the higher the success rate into a single diamond to reach 100% success rate , the less the amount accordingly .Second, emery Access:Level 1 Emery Emery crystallization can ride from Alchemy system ( 10 ) for a refinery Emery ride ? ? ;2 grade 3 diamond can be purchased directly from the mall..

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Green Magic tour page Titanrise four Protoss descendants shaped by you


Titanrise is a Western myth as the background real-time combat MMORPG web game . There are various features of the system in the game allows players to experience , you can freely choose their own favorite professional fight , pk, across the entire battlefield in ancient Greece . Meanwhile more Legion system , awakening incarnations wing gods , constellations blessing , let you experience the game more fun !


As descendants of the four Protoss , and history in the river gradually developed into four powerful job , warrior, archer , mage, prophets they are a continuation of the Protoss , with justice of the heart, the same holds strong Protoss handed down Behind the magic of fighting skills , they used the brave soldiers combat skills , the Master , the wisdom and the auxiliary archers will take a thousand men in the heads of the Prophet remote attacker to resist the invasion of the Dark Legion .


At the end of the continent of Atlantis cracks appeared again time , it was the god of the gods to punish its place against being deported . They use the power of the time Luna crystal seal up the cracks , and it will live on this land a devastating human catastrophe . Dark Legion organized a group claiming to be an attempt to break the final seal cracks in the continuous influx came from a time rampant , I’m afraid energy Luna does not support long crystal . And as God’s four Protoss descendants are also struggling to resist these evil invaders.


As one of the four major professional archer , is the team ‘s most indispensable , for then they are alone in the growth process, but also has long been their achievements. Hone skills in the deep forest , they walk a fine line between rock practice agility make more flexible, they like to fight alone and powerful enemies . Archer is also a very professional exercise operational capability . To take full advantage of their long-range attacks , quietly close to the target , the first to use the skills of the target under control, and then use a powerful attack skills to give its fatal blow ; if it is to deal with groups of monsters, more skilled enemies to end their lives.Archer is a good team with professional , especially when the team has a strong shield soldiers as the main pull strange when archers became strong physical damage output units. And because a remote attacker property archers , making his team a relatively high viability . But for teamwork , his weakness is that he also does not like to attack so powerful mage .But he can to increase attack power by powerful weapons . Archers can also select individual combat teamwork to survive , if it is man combat , then defense and attack are equally important factors to consider when you need to focus on the role of training and equipment to collect ; if it is focused on teamwork , the attacker speed and attack power has become the appropriate focus.In Titanrise, you can enjoy the experience and feel gorgeous special effects of vocational skills , distinctive fighting roles incarnations perfect story missions , the mysterious constellation of blessing, a diversified specialty copy etc.

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Magic Sword Saga passionate journey first served five highlights exposure


The Best Browser RPG Game masterpiece annual Magic, Sword Saga first served hot to open. By then, the devil break the seal, come to Costa mainland Ireland, a man magic imminent war. Warrior, Mage, Archer three career appeared together, awaken the hero. Magic kingdom, and asked the world rival, solipsism chasing.

Fantasy adventure: great story with great accuracy

In Costa Ireland this magical kingdom, Sword Saga started a epic backstory. Players David Thomas as mercenaries into the Imperial Army Guojun and war. Constantly meet new companions, gradually expanding the ranks of the mercenary group, the final impact of the war throughout Costa Ireland continent. A magnificent war, starting out on a new mythical journey. In the game, players shuttle in Costa mainland Ireland, to experience different geographical features, enjoy a different kind of fun journey.

Soundtrack Audiovisual: Diasheng Meng Mei flipping heartstrings

Sword Saga launched interactive page tour’s first true voice, coupled with exquisite picture effect, trying to create three-dimensional realistic gaming experience. Eight beautiful mercenary each have their own sound system really make them more intuitive in front of players. Costa waged Ireland continent, warriors trained a cool Madden skills. Game with perfect skill effects and stunning sound effects, create brilliant gorgeous battle.

Mental duel: With hundreds of millions of possibilities

Sword Saga tour page redefine the concept of formation and use of mercenaries with a diversity of skills, build like devils secretive supernatural, God as omnipotent as the strongest role. Combat, players can carry three mercenaries were beautiful formations. According to three vocational skills with the deductive method, draw every single player career total of hundred million kinds of skills with the law. Game with unique skill system, no brain to make the game to avoid comparisons rich handsome, for the upgrade and the upgrade of boring.

Sword Saga is an epic fantasy masterpiece, realistic simulation of the real sound system, sexy clothes burst gameplay, gorgeous beauty struck eight mercenaries, cool and full of three professional, more dazzling special effects and realistic gorgeous skills sound, breaking the traditional sense of the plane tour page, allowing the player an immersive, face to face with the game! the game uses semi-round semi-real battle mode, formation configuration and skills to select highly strategic, operational ease of use, the battle rhythm hearty.

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Sword Saga struck first served passion magic imminent war


Sword Saga stunning struck first service will give players a whole new magical interpretation. Professional roles camp gorgeous, dazzling skill effect realistic, thousands of pro-mercenary attitudes of beauty, hot fresh burst of cool clothing system that allows players to enjoy the intimate realistic gaming experience. Now, the devil has to break the seal, fell Costa mainland Ireland, a man magic imminent war. People travel together with the magical world of the occasion, to jointly open passion magical journey.

Sword Saga three professional awaken the hero

First login to the game, players create a character interface will see six kinds of fine characters were male (female) soldier, male (female) Master and male (female) shooter. Urging soldiers not wearing armor tough, as tough as Gladiator invincible; Master handheld wand, a powerful magical elements of the operator; agile as elf archer, bow Nu use pre-emptive, active on the continent is a powerful hunter. Three character formation shocking debut, gorgeous styling impact of bright spots, who will be your magical journey ace?

Sword Saga enchanting beauty gorgeous struck mercenary system

Sword Saga beauty mercenary system leading the trend, for the players to show the different styles of beauty. Angelina Jolie beautiful and elegant, lovely Klein Sesi, mature indifferent Isabel, gentle wisdom Tifa, intelligent weak calm beauty mercenary justice Eliza colored gorgeous appearance, style thousands of beauty available for you to enjoy the selection, interact intimate.

Sword Saga clothing system burst your little universe outbreak

Sword Saga as new creative play, sexy glamorous clothes burst system allows you to release the body of tremendous energy, and instantly makes you a small outbreak of the universe, to reverse the situation, and to provide for his teammates better offensive guard. Whether or mercenary players, male or female roles, once triggered burst clothing, instant access to thick vitality and strong defense capability, a devastating attack to the opponent. The most creative battle started.

Sword Saga is an epic fantasy masterpiece, realistic simulation of the real sound system, sexy clothes burst gameplay, gorgeous beauty struck eight mercenaries, cool and full of three professional, more dazzling special effects and realistic gorgeous skills sound, breaking the traditional sense of the plane tour page, allowing the player an immersive, face to face with the game! the game uses semi-round semi-real battle mode, formation configuration and skills to select highly strategic, operational ease of use, the battle rhythm hearty.

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Eternal Fury God Guards serving hot extraordinary artifact War fame


God clothes the popular hymn extraordinary artifact Eternal Fury Guards War fame . Correspondingly, new clothes ” holy alliance ” has a strong open , the current line has been full, enthusiastic players beyond imagination.Eternal Fury is a magical wind , strong PK severe hand tour combines two role-playing and strategy management mode, players in the game, only to chase away as Santo kill God , but also to run their own towns, fighting together to train troops .Since the game on the line , not only has been well received by players love , but also as one of the few current severe hand tour also been concerned about the industry . The powerful combination of cool and chants , and will have a strong impact on the existing hand travel pattern.


To scream and Health, an independent brand Cool released this year, “Great God ” series of mobile phones , has a 7 inches , 1920×1200 pixel high-definition screen , overturn hand swim body , its hearty manipulation makes heavy hand tour Eternal Fury was able to terminal perfect show for gamers to create an immersive sensory experience. Great God as the hand travel artifact turned out.Eternal Fury as a quasi S -class products , the ability to cool the great God and together to reshape the industry structure , leading a strong counter-attack of severe hand travel ? Let us wait and see.

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The new service delivery life Eternal Fury Gem Society welfare upgrade


Association Competition will be staged , magical war tour Eternal Fury hand to open a new service Twisting Nether millions Welfare promotions ! The new welfare associations , the strongest team recruitment, detonated the most popular people on the phone wars ! Let us know about itEternal Fury guild has a perfect grade , wealth system , the Society ‘s growing need to work together to pay members. Players can get by donating guild tribute , then by virtue of the contribution of the Association to enjoy exclusive guild skills, extra storage, the Society for the special props , praying to extract materials and so on welfare .Activities: The Association has grown to better protect the public , this is the public ‘s mind. During the event , the Society raised to a certain level where players can get a reward.Guild level to 2 2 * 1 Life GemAssociation reach level 3 2 * 2 gem of lifeGuild level reaches 4 3 life stones * 1Association reach level 6 4 Life Gem * 1Guild level reaches 10 5 * 1 Life GemIn Eternal Fury , the guild is like a big family , players can not only enjoy more fun in this game , but also to make like-minded friends, brothers , friends and even lovers . Online games , meet a bunch of like-minded brothers , playing Daguai together , chat together , enough so lively ! Eternal Fury guild system to fully meet the needs of the players in the social and interactive , allowing the player a total war with the brothers of the devil , magic hegemony Different World !

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Proficient City at the Game Developer’s Conference: A Tale of Passion and Success

Every year we at Proficient City head to San Francisco to participate in the annual Game Developers Conference. This year was particularly special as we rubbed elbows with some of game design’s most prominent innovators, showed off our favorite games, and introduced our brand new business model – Game Hollywood.


Ready for the big event

We had a lot to show off at GDC, and plenty to be proud of. Proficient City started with webgames, and webgames are where we excel; in 2015 we’ve released 3 of the finest – Darkstar Risen, Era of Empire and Portal Hunter. While webgames are still popular, mobile is the future and we won’t be left behind so we presented the mobile version of DDTank, one of our most popular games. We’re always expanding and this year we also highlighted our newest ambition – cross-platform gaming. Zeus Age, Dino Tribe, and Angry Karts are powered by Unity giving players the ability to play on their computers, or on their mobile devices.


Our COO Xitou showing off one of our games to potential affiliates

As Proficient City grows, we need to stay fresh to stay relevant. GDC offered us the perfect opportunity to highlight our new business model – Game Hollywood. As China becomes more prominent in the world its gaming industry has begun to boom. Innovation is key, and Proficient City intends to use its many years of experience to guide Chinese and other Asian developers into foreign markets. We’ve broken our method down into 6 main strategies to make sure that these companies provide a quality gaming experience, and bring China to the global forefront of gaming.


Proficient City’s newest innovation – Game Hollywood

Game Engine Technology Support – With all the possible game engines out there it’s hard for many companies to choose which suits their needs. Proficient City has extensive game design and implementation experience, and will help Chinese companies avoid some of the costly pitfalls that can cripple a project.

Cross-Platform SDK Systems – We now have 3 cross-platform games all made with Unity. With Unity’s recent announcement that they will be turning to a free-to-use model it will only become more popular, and we’ll be there to guide the way.

Cloud-based Publishing – Security and simplicity are the keys to cloud-based publishing. We will help our fellow companies maintain the privacy of their players, and the confidence of the industry.

QA Localization and In-Game Customization – No culture is alike, and what works in Asia may not work elsewhere. Game Hollywood will help developers tread the fine line between Asian feel and foreign style.

SaaS Based PMD Marketing – There’s a thousand marketing companies out there, and each has its own niche. We’ll help companies sift through the irrelevant to find PMD’s that excel in their chosen markets.

Infrastructure – It’s a big world, and sometimes it’s hard to keep a handle on things. Payment systems, servers, customer service and a myriad of other problems can plague the uninitiated. Proficient City will help developers expand their reach, and maintain the elements they need to be successful.


Our CTO, James, excited about our future in VR

GDC also presented us with the opportunity to celebrate our new partnership with Futbol Club Barcelona. We’ve already begun to roll out some of the fantastic FCB content for DDTank which will include new weapons, outfits and characters based off of everyone’s favorite football players. We took advantage of the conference to snap some photos of our fancy new jersey with some of our partner companies.


Showing off our DDTank jersey

GDC was a fantastic success and we were excited to be there. We showed off our new plans, met some new advertising partners, found some new marketing companies, and had a chance to chat with old friends.

Now it’s time to get down to the real work. See you next year!



Thanks for your reading!our office website is:proficientcity.com

Legend Knight Warcraft invasion showdown between good and evil gang fights staged killings


There are always people and things we could not understand the world, we have to principles in mind, and they invariably put on a life and death battle. As the recent hot Chaijing expense haze video, there are always a bunch of self-righteous people out of questioning one’s only for a woman to expose the dark. They would like the Legend Knight Warcraft, once the invasion, we must fight! Fight for justice hearts!

Daily 19: 59-20: 30, when the night falls, Warcraft invasion began Legend Knight of the world. In a large number of wave after wave of ferocious offensive Warcraft, the human hand and build homes will certainly suffer huge losses, the only way to prevent this from happening, and only you! Dragon Knights, defeating the invasion of Warcraft, defend human homes exactly what you bear responsibility, go and fight in the end of Warcraft, until they die!


Only rating higher than 30 Dragon Knight, in order to have the power of confrontation Warcraft. Just in time to enter active mode through the daily activities of Warcraft invasion interface, you can participate in the attack Warcraft map. Long countless people are destroying this land, hurting our people, and keep the enemy, the enemy, it is the only thing we can do about it! Click below to automatically find strange, your hero will automatically block vision within the scope of all the dragon invasion, killing their men do, one does not leave!


When the Fates that destroy invading Dragon Knights Dragon deeds Warcraft invasion activities, decided to give Legend Knight Dragon Knights an added bonus. When the active to the last link, the player will pop up in front of a grant award Fates Big Wheel, each with a free lottery number participating, 2W ~ 100W gold reward waiting for you to come and collect! Who is this time received the blessing of the goddess of fate, taken away one million prize, let us wait and see!

Those that invade our freedom Legend Knight World of Warcraft, is that the world of evil. It is like in the real world to the heart of a gentleman’s belly keyboard warriors like gang fights force must destroy them one by one! I hope we have in general Legend Knight courage and strength in reality, in order to reckoning of justice, and they Zhouxuandaodi!

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Legend Knight Raiders pass stones inlaid


Legend Knight Raiders pass precious stones, Dragon Knight pass in the stone setting is the most basic content, a lot of old players have handy, but for novice players or some do not know where, the following have to say about Dragon Knights were passed gemstone inlaid Raiders.

Legend Knight gem basics ①: Stone Types

Method of attack, physical attack, life, law defense, physical defense, crit, parry, avoid violence, broken gear 9 kinds of precious stones

Legend Knight gem basics ②: Gem role

Method of attack: Increases physical attack magic attacks: Increase physical attack crit: increase crit value

French Defense: increase physical defense magic defense: Increases physical defense Block: Block Value increase

Life: Increase the value of life free of violence: reduce the value of the other crit broken gear: reduce the other block value

Legend Knight gem basics ③: mosaic Mistakes

Method of attack gem offensive hero for ineffective method of attack for offensive gem hero invalid (maximum errors)


Legend Knight stones inlaid portfolio:

Protagonist itself: physical attack + life + + law against anti-matter (+ crit + Block + free + broken storm blocked)

Method of attack hero: France attack + life + + law against anti-matter (+ crit + Block + free + broken storm blocked)

Offensive hero: physical attack + life + + law against anti-matter (+ crit + Block + free + broken storm blocked)

 Legend Knight TIPS: ① the same hero every piece of equipment according to the combination of mosaic

② before the hero fighting force corresponding interface to see this hero belongs to physical attack or method of attack

③ only a few days before the opening service attack, life, physical defense and law against five gems.

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Zeus Age Youtobe Video Review

Zeus Age Youtobe Video Review

Zeus Age Youtobe Video Description:

The Gods are gone! Panic! Mayhem! No, no, don’t panic! There’s hope! YOU have been chosen to lead a few heroes and monsters to bring the Gods back to reality and use their weapons against the evils of this strange world! This exclusive card game will make you rethink everything you know about games and entertainment!


- Lead a group of teammates: heroes, monsters and strange creatures will help you fight your way through this wonderful adventure.
- Among the miriad of possibilities, chose your favourite hero to lead your team to battle!
- Discover the best cards, use them, mix them. Organize your strategy based on your needs and eliminate the enemies that will face you!
- A revolutionary card system will help you fight the hordes of unspeakeable evil that tears through the land!
- You will learn the most useful skills, that will grow stronger as you defeat more enemies!
- Join your friends in PVP Arena battles and fight for the title!
- Create or join a Guild to enter exclusive events!
Official Facebook Fans Page: 
Help and support: