Eternal Fury game Basic Introduction: Exciting mobile game

Eternal Fury is a mobile phone network, the rules in the game is the player role-playing game to complete this task, the game the Raiders and skills in waiting for players to experience. The game’s plot is based on the theme of magic combat tours designed to allow players to play to their ability to help save humanity back to peace.

Eternal Fury in the game to do a lot of innovation in the side, the use of new technologies to design strategic suspect in combat in the game fun. Eternal Fury players in this game and other games can experience the course of the game is not the same experience, the game also uses a virtual game of competitive technologies and develop basic tasks, there is a game in every organization has his team to challenge the game’s copy. Join the game mode allows players feel like the world is in play mode war experience.ful life.

The main version is in the game at the beginning of the story in the development of Eternal Fury game, but the game’s task is simply to start pulling players game. But in a copy of the game still has a lot in a different play, worthy players to experience, but also can increase the player’s experience to help players combat skills behind the attack.

Featured Eternal Fury game is that it is the use of 3D rendering to express a game of visual effects, 3D rendering technology in the game gives the feeling is not the same player in the game when the feeling himself proximity to the inside, so that his mood as the game in the excitement.

Game mode is the use of horizontal version to reflect the performance of the way, precisely because of this performance prompted more out of the game when the battle screen performance from outstanding visual effects, plus fighting skills performance results for the whole game to players have different feelings.

In the Eternal Fury game is seven soldiers, in which seven soldiers among them all have their own special skills, the soldiers are in the game to make their own strength has been growing bigger by the honor, and finally in the selection of the best soldiers from these soldiers form a strong corps of their own maximum.

According to the characteristics of the game plan to plan, their ability to rely on themselves to think about ways to strengthen, in a game in which players can build fortresses to strengthen their abilities. In their ability to enhance the game, then the game can get more experience and strength.

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Eternal Fury game evaluation saints bomb sword for the song

Eternal Fury is a magical theme SRPG mobile gaming , innovative fusion of RPG and strategy management two games are played, the player plays one of the army led by Santo in the game, to turn the tide in the inferno invasion of human continent eschatological battle to save the fate of mankind . A copy of the game to explore the surrounding towns and the main line , town buildings such as barracks , blacksmith , reward hall , etc., everywhere corresponds to the appropriate play, the process of fighting for the role-playing mode, players can enhance a variety of ways their combat effectiveness , easy to play.

[ Game screen ] Rating : ★★★★☆

Eternal Fury with a rare tour of the beautiful hand- realistic style , a stronger sense of substitution . Horizontal version of the game uses the full screen mode , set the background picture Levee style magical realism style, has a unique rendering power ; relatively modest overall color screen , gorgeous special effects skills , strong sense of combat , not encountered Caton . The game interface is simple and clear, easy to use , easy to operate .

[ Career Rating system] : ★★★★☆

There are three kinds of career games , respectively, warrior, mage , archer , warrior with high physical defense and attack high blood but in general , the Master of good magic attack and defense , but the blood is weak, strong archer attack broke out , the properties are somewhat balanced. Professional attributes of each system inherited large classic RPG game play, players can upgrade through the ranks automatically get skill points , skill points assigned by the player completely independent , by allocating skill points to effectively mix of skills , increase attack and defense to enhance output .

[ Equipment Rating system ]: ★★★★★

Eternal Fury equipment systems easy to play. Players can equip a headdress , necklace , clothing , weapons , rings, jewelry , quality turn green – blue – purple – orange , property and equipment can strengthen and improve the mosaic , the other players can collect material fixed in the game build property in the smithy of extraordinary epic set.

.[ Task Rating system]: ★★★★☆

The game is in place for the novice guidelines , players can be familiar with the story missions in the game each system guidelines to the next step . The task of the game is divided into three , namely: the main quest, daily tasks and reward task , the task perfectly throughout the game storyline, the task can be obtained through the corresponding resources and experience rewards , the task to upgrade the line smoothly.

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The Game Diner Dash Review

Game review from gamezebo

When we celebrate gaming’s bad-ass females, nary a word is spared for Diner Dash’s Flo, and that’s a shame. Sure,  shooting down Metroids isn’t easy, and neither is delivering messages on foot while weaving in and out of the gears of a dystopian society. But there’s something heroic – superhuman, even – about a waitress who darts from table to table, takes orders, serves food, cleans up, deals with belligerent customers, and keeps her composure through all of it.

This time around, Flo’s diner is in danger of being taken over by Mr Big and his chain of “Eat-Mor” restaurants. If Flo wants her livelihood to survive, she has to keep on doing what she’s been doing for a decade now: Keep customers happy.

The new Diner Dash plays very closely to previous releases. Customers need to be seated, and their orders need to be taken. Once that’s done, they need to be served, Flo needs to deliver their bill, and then she has to whisk away their dishes to make room for the next party.

You score points for every action performed, but you really rack them up if you chain tasks. Diner Dash’s challenge lies in time management. Customers have different needs that need to be taken into consideration, too. Some only want coffee, and lots of it. Others are busy and get irritated if you don’t drop everything and serve them right away.

Maybe this all sounds familiar, and that’s because it’s more or less the same Diner Dash experience you had ten years ago. In other words, it’s tried-and-true, and fun enough. But the lack of innovation presents a problem. It makes it very easy to remember a time when Diner Dash didn’t run on stamina systems, or constantly offer hot deals and power-ups that are exclusively purchasable with hard currency.

There’s also the issue of difficulty. Like most time management titles, Diner Dash gradually gets more and more difficult by adding more customers with more demands. But in the new Diner Dash, the difficulty takes a sharp turn by level eight. Suddenly, you find your lobby flooded with customers suffering from a massive patience deficiency. It’s a bit of a shock if you’re used to being eased into the water. Hard levels can be overcome with practice, but that sucks up your meager store of stamina.

Game review from pocketgamer

It’s been almost a decade since Diner Dash first made its appearance in the video game world. And here we are, going on ten years later, with a new iteration for mobile devices.

Diner Dash is made up of several levels spread across three different restaurants. Each level has a different layout, with some offering a bunch of 4-eater booths and others built for groups of two.

New types of diners are also introduced at a fairly steady pace, and each has its own particular behaviors to consider.

Then you’ll be scrambling all over the place handing out menus to people, giving coffee to those who are waiting to order, running tickets over the the kitchen, and generally keeping the diner ticking over.

You can exchange it for coins, use it to activate Boosts before a level, spend it on fancy appliances to make your life easier, burn through it to continue after failing a wave, or drop some on an energy refill.

You can buy a number of appliances to make things easier for you, and you’ll eventually unlock Boosts that will give you various advantages like super-speed, or a giant slingshot that the cook can use to fling dishes to the appropriate tables.

It’s a relatively understandable approach in a free-to-play game, but it’s Diner Dash’s energy system that’s the real problem. Every attempt at a level costs one energy, and you have a very small amount available.

So after playing a few levels, all you can really do is sit and wait. Or use more premium currency to refill your tank, so to speak.




DDTank 2 is a new sequel to the F2P browser-based casual shooter DDTank, featuring easy controls, various scenarios and lots of interesting distractions like social options, weapon synthesis, character customization.

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Doodle God

The power of creation is in your hands! In this addictive, ALL ages, puzzle game mix and match different combinations of fire, earth, wind and air to create an entire universe! Of course the universe was not created in a day. You’ll have to work your up from a simple microorganism to create animals, tools, storms and even build armies before you have what it takes to build the universe! But beware, the power of creation may have unintended consequences, inventing the wheel might just trigger a zombie plague… Don’t worry, you are not alone on this cosmic journey! Every time you successfully create a new item you’ll be rewarded with the wit and wisdom of some of the greatest philosophers and comedians of all time.

Review from gamezebo

Doodle God Review

If you’re not familiar with the Bible, let me get you up to speed on a little chapter called Genesis. According to the good book, God created everything you see – the earth, the sky, the moon, the sun – in only 6 days.

As the game begins players are presented with the four basic elements. The object of the game is to combine these elements in such a way that they create new elements. Combining air and water, for example, makes steam. Combining fire and earth makes lava.

The elements themselves are broken up into 14 groups like fire, animals, bacteria. Discovering new groups proves to be just as satisfying as discovering new elements.

Doodle God was great fun, but it could also be incredibly frustrating. There were moments in the later half of the game where it would feel like every conceivable combination had been made, and the 3 minute wait for the hint timer to recharge seemed to take forever. We were also a little disappointed that we couldn’t simply “play god.” When I combine a fish and a bird, it’s because I’m trying to strike gold with the next platypus here.

Regardless of some late in the game frustration, the unique mechanic of simply combining items to discover new items was incredibly addictive. If anything, the frustration came as a result of how much fun it was.

The presentation here was surprisingly top notch as well. Whenever I hear the word “doodle” in a title I do a little cringe. Most of the time “doodle” is associated with low budget high school notebook visuals, but in Doodle God that’s simply not the case. Every element has its own small, yet perfectly recognizable, icon. The element groups have much larger icons, and a great deal of artistry went into making these stand out.

There are some review about Doodle God from the game players:

Review from isource

Not much has changed with the main gameplay mode in Doodle God. You still set about mashing together elements to create new elements that you can then smash together with other elements ad nauseum. Sometimes the combinations seem mindless, sometimes they make sense. The latter category comes with a much greater sense of satisfaction when puzzled out.

The main changes here are tweaks to the UI and graphics found in Doodle God. The game still offers rather basic animations and icons, if not a bit bland. You can call up several different types of hints if you get stuck, some which recharge over time, some which can be purchased with in-game currency or as in-app purchases.

The strongest aspect of Doodle God isn’t its main game mode. Rather, it is the selection of secondary modes that are expanded in the update to version 2.0. An all new Artifact Mode features special multi-element puzzles that unlock everything from Stonehenge to the Lock Ness Monster.

It’s a neat twist on the core concept of the game. Unfortunately, you need to unlock the ability to unlock artifacts. Confused? Perhaps I can make it a bit more clear: you must first unlock a mystery artifact, then solve a separate puzzle to reveal the artifacts true identity.

With Doodle God 2.0 we also get a selection of new quests, the closest thing to a story mode the game offers. Given a set of elements catered to the scenario, you must craft your way off of a desert island, help Santa fill his sack with toys, build the greatest inventions of the 20th century, and more. Like artifacts, quests provide a more fulfilling gameplay experience than the standard mode.

Likewise, Puzzle Mode is yet another twist on the core concept of Doodle God. Given an initial set of elements, the player’s goal is to craft a specific object like a skyscraper or train. In one scenario, the goal is to turn a nuclear bomb into a flower.

Mini Games

The mini games use the element combinations to clear the board before new blocks take their place. Players progress through levels racking up high scores along the way. Both games are easy to pick up and a fun diversion from the main gameplay modes.

The Verdict

If you already call yourself a fan of the Doodle God series, then get ready to lose more time to your favorite object-crafting deity. If you are new to the Doodle God franchise, there is plenty to explore. The price of entry, however, is a bit steep at $1.99 when considering that the game still contains its share of ads and attempts to lure you into making in-app purchases.

If you can get past that sticking point the next hurdle is bearing the main game long enough to get the hang of things and unlock a few artifacts. The bonus modes and bonus content that arrive with version 2.0 are easily what make the game.



DDTank 2 is a new sequel to the F2P browser-based casual shooter DDTank, featuring easy controls, various scenarios and lots of interesting distractions like social options, weapon synthesis, character customization.

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Eternal Fury the astrological system play Xiangjie

Eternal Fury is a cosplay class of mobile phone online games, game around the city development, explore and expand the copy as the main line, let the game player feel more elements of the play. As the battle (single, many people, the depths of hell), battlefield, etc. various limitation of GVG, mobile phone online games, is nowadays the highest quality of mobile phone online games.

 Game player through the function bar “astrology” button, can enter the astrological system. Astrological interface below five crystal ball, from left to right level more and more high. The player can click the scrying crystal ball to random get horoscope, the higher the level the more rare & probability.

 The stars like a kind of equipment, not goods. Each star has a unique property, equipment & can enhance the ability of game player, including enhance the properties, enhance the appearance of anger, strengthen skill effect etc.. The same type of stars at the same time can only be equipped with a. The initial state game player can only be equipped with a star, the star will increase with the level of open equipment more.

  1. Astrological interface below five crystal ball, from left to right level more and more high.
  2. Game player can click the scrying to random get star lattice, the higher the probability of a crystal ball level obtaining rare star lattice is bigger, has a certain probability of each astrological open a higher level of a crystal ball, crystal ball has been only 1 point state.
  3. Divination will consume gold, crystal ball, the higher the level the more consumption of gold.

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DDTank Equipment’s Description

A Must-See Guide for Beginners No. 1

Every new player may have the same question: With so many weapons, which one should I choose? This passage will recommend several practical weapons for beginners!

1. Laser

Laser can deal great damage. It is like a missile and can be used to terminate opponents quickly. What makes Laser more outstanding than the other 3 weapons is that its Luck is 10 points higher. With equipment of high Luck, Laser deals more than 1000 damage by one Anger Skill. It looks like a repair tool.

Style: ★★☆

Single Target Damage: ★★★★★★

Crater Size: ★★★☆

2. Flames

Flames can burn out every place it bombs. Its crater is the largest of all weapons. If beginners are bullied by old hands, we highly recommend Flames. Bomb out large craters to bury your opponents!

Style: ★★★

Single Target Damage: ★★★☆

Crater Size: ★★★★★★

3. Japan Dart

Japan Dart is the first weapon you get in the game and it’s quite stylish. Its advantage is the high Agility, 20 points higher than other 3 weapons. As for Offense, Japan Dart is not very outstanding. Masters can use this weapon more appropriately. But this weapon is still one of the best choices because weapons can be fortified in the game.

Style: ★★★★★★

Single Target Damage: ★★★★

Crater Size: ★★★★

4. Explosive

Explosive can explode quite large crater. The shape of the crater is semicircle. It makes opponents hard to fire. And it has the same powerful damage as Laser.

Style: ★★★★★

Single Target Damage: ★★★★☆

Crater Size: ★★★★☆

New Server Turkey has launched! Don’t need to download, Free to play!

DDTank 2 is a new sequel to the F2P browser-based casual shooter DDTank, featuring easy controls, various scenarios and lots of interesting distractions like social options, weapon synthesis, character customization.



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Good News About DDTank

Many players quit the game when they get killed. But do you know that there are still things you can do after you turn into a ghost? Did you notice the chests that appear when you get killed? You can go get those chests, which will help increase the ability of your teammates. Please read the following instruction:

Get the chests:

When the shining golden chests appear, click the chests you want. When it’s your turn to attack, you can slowly float to get the chests. But your movement is restrained, so you can’t get all chests at one time. Try to get the chests near you first. Also you should make sure your toolbar on the bottom right is empty or you can’t get the chests. Here comes another question, what if your toolbar is full when you get killed? Don’t worry. There is another thing you can do, use the tools to increase the ability of your teammates.


Increase the ability of your teammates:

When it’s your team’s turn to attack, you only need to click the tools in your toolbar to increase the ability of your teammates. When you do this, there will be an icon of the tool you use on your toolbar and your teammates’. Now the toolbar is empty and you can get more chests to help your teammates. So don’t just quit the game when you get killed, you can still be very helpful to your team.


New Server Turkey has launched! Don’t need to download, Free to play!

DDTank 2 is a new sequel to the F2P browser-based casual shooter DDTank, featuring easy controls, various scenarios and lots of interesting distractions like social options, weapon synthesis, character customization.


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Battle Gems is the evolution of our original PvP web puzzle game. It features over the top fantasy characters and interesting new game mechanics.

Review from Projectiononpaper

The basic gameplay is similar to other Match 3 styled things you may have seen, with the core distinction that this one has considerably more depth. The first thing to note is that while this is classified as a puzzle game, it ends up as more of a turned-based game than anything else. On your turn, you draw a line through as few as three matching gems to have your hero launch a spell, use potions to fight or aid themselves, attack with their weapon or tell their pet to fight for them. After your move, your opponent immediately retaliates, and the game continues with it your turn once more. Enemies will not attack until you do.

When you clear blocks, they disappear and everything drops down a level, with new blocks spawning from above. You won’t know what those new blocks are, but there’s still room for planning ahead or setting up better combos with what you can see. It’s also a great strategy to save blocks of potions to restore your health when it gets low.

However, combat brings with it a certain level of randomness. You’ll learn many special skills and abilities as you play, but you have relatively limited control over what you’ll actually use when you line up blocks. It’ll come from the category of blocks broken of course but will pick a skill at relative random. Certain abilities, such as those that restore health, will always be prioritized when your health is low–but it’s trickier to do things like, say, start off by applying a poison damage over time effect, find that your enemy is hitting too strong and reduce it’s attack, then buff your own attack and go in for the kill.

One of the first things that stands out about Battle Gems is the graphics. It’s chibi style, which doesn’t scream “epic” but it does lend itself to the humor of the game! The chibi anime style of the graphics also allows for expressiveness and the animations during combat to look outstanding.

On further note of the animations, pet ability animations are not specific for each pet. That is to say, you can see Twilly the healing Moglin blasting enemies with dark magic after performing a death-from-above strike styled strike. It’s extremely rewarding as the game has many pets and characters from other AE games, such as the Moglin Twilly and the undead fighting Pomeranian Daimyo.

The humor in the game in phenomenal, and the characters you meet take the narrative to the next level. Nearly everything in the game is a reference, from quest names to NPC’s the many lines of dialog. There’s so many and some of them are so obscure that no one person can likely catch them all, and it keeps you wanting to progress to see what the next one will be.


There’s plenty of ways to make the game harder on yourself, though. Much of your own power is determined from buying items with gold you collect. It’s fun to enjoy something less hardcore from time to time, so if you buy items when you have the gold for it expect an easy and fun adventure. If you’re looking for Dark Souls in puzzle form, you’ll be disappointed. But if you want an enjoyable video game that doesn’t up your blood pressure too much, Battle Gems fits the bill.




DDTANK 2 introduction

Play DDTank 2, a free casual hardcore game where killing never looked so cute! This turn-based action shooter is filled with intense PvP battles. With plenty of game play variety, you can fight with unique weapons such as rocket launchers and ninja stars, customize your gear, adopt pets, farm and participate in world boss events. In DDTank 2, there’s always something to blow up!

DDTank2,DDTank2 Official Website,Free Shooting Games,The Best and Cutest Free Online Shooting Game

Adventure in Bubble Age


Take the ultimate journey through a lost world of Dinos and danger. Pop and drop all the obstacles in your path with your trusty bubble sling and your Dino helpers. Bubble Age is the epic adventure of a family searching for their lost son in an inhospitable prehistoric world.

Game review from Social Times

Bubble Age review

  • 0

Bubble Age ,the game has only been showing activity on our traffic tracking service AppData since mid-October of this year, but its current MAU figure of 2.1 million suggests that it has been actively acquiring users for considerably longer than that.

Bubble Age is, as its title suggests, a bubble shooter. The game’s aesthetic is themed around a family of cavepeople who are aiming to rescue their lost child. Their journey takes them across various lands, with each stopping-off point carrying a bubble puzzle to solve. As per usual for the genre, the aim of the game on each level is to clear a certain number of the top row of colored bubbles by matching those of identical color together. The player only has a limited number of bubbles with which to complete each level, but may purchase more with hard currency if they fail a level.

Bubble Age’s core gameplay is almost identical to its numerous rivals such as’s immensely popular Bubble Witch Saga, but it has a couple of mild twists on the formula. Firstly, the addition of “helper” options allows the player to either undo their last move or look up to the top of the level in exchange for hard currency. Secondly, two items “charge up” over the course of the level as the player drops bubbles — the family baby occasionally wakes up and offers a “spare” randomly-chosen bubble for use at any time, and an acid-spitting plant is able to destroy bubbles that are in the way once it has been charged.

The game monetizes in several ways. Firstly, the game’s “lives” system allows players to continue playing for as long as they are completing levels, but failing reduces their stock by one. Lives restore over time, or they may be immediately replenished by spending real money. Optionally, the player may purchase unlimited lives for one week for $20, or a single day for $5. This is rather expensive compared to similar standalone puzzle games, but dedicated players who enjoy Bubble Age’s distinctive aesthetic and solid gameplay may well be happy to pay this for play without interruptions.

Free lives may also be earned by watching ads. Secondly, the game also monetizes through the usual sales of soft and hard currency. Both are available in packages of up to $200 at once, with this most expensive option being the one selected by default. It is not possible to exchange one type of currency for the other. Hard currency may also be earned through an offer wall that provides local deals to users.

Social features include a leaderboard for each level, the facility to share achievements on one’s Timeline, and a mildly obtrusive “Invite Friends” popup that appears between every three or four levels.

Bubble Age is a decent, well-presented bubble shooter game. It’s mostly conventional, but offers solid gameplay and is clearly resonating with a large audience if the current user figures are anything to go by. It looks set to enjoy some success, at least in the short term, and for that reason it’s worth a look, if only to see what a successful entry in an oversaturated genre looks like.



DDTANK 2 introduction

Play DDTank 2, a free casual hardcore game where killing never looked so cute! This turn-based action shooter is filled with intense PvP battles. With plenty of game play variety, you can fight with unique weapons such as rocket launchers and ninja stars, customize your gear, adopt pets, farm and participate in world boss events. In DDTank 2, there’s always something to blow up!

DDTank2,DDTank2 Official Website,Free Shooting Games,The Best and Cutest Free Online Shooting Game

Jurassic Park Builder


Build your Jurassic Park from A to Z, on land and out at sea! You are the first owner of the park: grow various dinosaur species once you’ve extracted their DNA from amber fragments. Then, transform this DNA with your friends’ help.

Game review from gamezebo

Welcome to Jurassic Park! Now you can tuck us in your pocket!

In Jurassic Park Builder, your job is to build and maintain the new Jurassic Park. True, things didn’t go so well the first time, but nothing should ever get in the way of dinosaur revival—even the risk of the animals going out of control and eating nearby mammals like so many piles of popcorn. Building up the new Park means clearing away foliage, decoding dinosaur DNA, managing food supplies and feeding the beasties to help them gain levels, adding decorations, buildings, and laying down tracks for those neat tour-car things to travel along.

You know the story: said amber contains the unlucky, bloated corpse of a mosquito that was flash-frozen in tree sap shortly after snacking on dinosaur blood. The valuable genetic info in the skeeter’s tiny belly is “unlocked” in the game’s lab. Unlocking DNA can take several attempts and a lot of soft currency, but if you’re successful, you’ll have your very own dino egg. Some species to aspire towards are the ankylosaurus, the baryonyx, and of course, the belly-slicing velociraptor.

Game review from modojo

Jurassic Park Builder iPad Review

Most video games based on Jurassic Park involve blasting dinosaurs or eating people, so it’s good to see the management sim Jurassic Park Builder stomp its way to iPhone and iPad. The app immediately brings to mind Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis from 2003, where the goal is to build a five-star theme park filled with prehistoric attractions. One of the biggest differences, however, is Builder’s freemium model that forces users to either wait hours and days to make progress without spending a dime, or speed evolution along by opening their wallets.

With this in mind, there’s a good chance that if you’ve played iOS games with a heavy reliance on in-app purchases before, there’s little about Jurassic Park Builder that will seem unique. It’s essentially a carbon copy of the typical sim titles populating the App Store, but with a movie license that makes the game more appealing than the competition. To that end, you have the familiar Jurassic Park logo, 30 species of dinosaurs to discover and cameos from the original film’s characters, like Dr. Alan Grant, John Hammond and the paranoid Dr. Ian Malcolm, complete with actor likenesses.

That aside, and to get into the meat of the game, Jurassic Park Builder puts you in a constant state of expansion, where you clear as much jungle as possible to make room for dinosaur exhibits, exotic plants, water pump stations, restaurants, guard towers and other things designed to pull in as much dough as possible; you can even construct roads to help ferry visitors.

Discovering new dinosaurs, though, is heavily dependent on bulldozing the jungle, and you need dollars to do that; dollars are inconveniently difficult to come by through normal play. Gaining XP, meanwhile, lets you level up, giving you access to new plants, buildings and even a couple dollars along the way. Finally, characters supply a constant stream of missions that run the proverbial gamut, from growing a set number of carnivores to decorating the park with fossils and/or plants. Completing missions results in gold coins, some XP and maybe a dollar or two.

On the social media side, you’re free to visit other people’s parks and invite friends to help in the DNA extracting process, though we’ve been unable to see this in action, as our buddies don’t play Jurassic Park Builder. There’s also the option to brag about one’s achievements through Facebook, if you feel the urge.

While there is a decent selection of dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Builder, it’d be nice to see even more. To be fair to Ludia, though, no amount of dinosaurs can possibly be enough. That said, the game’s selection of decorations and buildings is kind of sparse, though the dinosaurs themselves are far more interesting, anyway.



DDTANK 2 introduction

Play DDTank 2, a free casual hardcore game where killing never looked so cute! This turn-based action shooter is filled with intense PvP battles. With plenty of game play variety, you can fight with unique weapons such as rocket launchers and ninja stars, customize your gear, adopt pets, farm and participate in world boss events. In DDTank 2, there’s always something to blow up!

DDTank2,DDTank2 Official Website,Free Shooting Games,The Best and Cutest Free Online Shooting Game